Ancient Melody

Past & the Present

An incandescent, slightly psychedelic blend of catchy pop melodies and moody, modernized torch songs.

“Ancient Melody” is a collection of songs written over many years. Most center on the theme of love. “Just To Be With You” and “Taken Over” speak to the sometimes perverse power of love. “Jennifer” is about unrequited love. “Mary Sue” and “Stolen Moments” each express love taken for granted and lost. “Calling” is about love defining a purpose, as well as providing refuge in an ever-changing and not always pleasant world. “Hold On” is a love song written for my wife, Marie, early in our relationship.

Although I seem to have written more than a few love songs, they’re not typically my preferred style in terms of subject matter. My favorite song on the CD is the title track, “Ancient Melody,” which was written during the Gulf War, and which laments mankind’s tendency to repeat history - a trait which seems to be programmed into our being.

On the lighter side, “It’s Only Tuesday” is a quirky spoof about the inclination some of us have for putting things off and procrastinating.

I am really pleased with the overall sound of this recording. It seemed as if some magic took place in the studio - particularly on “Just To Be With You,” with the help of Evan Middlesworth’s engineering, production, and added electric guitar, as well as with the additional synth contributions from Chris and Eric. The song seemed to acquire a life of its own, and that set the tone for the final mix achieved by Justin Andersen.

Although these songs represent a combination of styles, I think that a distinctive soundscape was created, with results appropriate to each song’s subject and spirit, yet which still maintain a cohesive quality for the project as a whole.

Past & The Present actually came together initially for the recording of this project; the band has really gelled in live performance in the time since. We are looking forward to continuing to play, write, and record together - Past & The Present, into the future.

~ Larry Past

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